February 17-18, 1919

Excerpts from letters mailed together and dated February 17 and 18, 1919

My Dear Grace –

Rec’d your letter this afternoon, some parts of it were just fine, but I see you opened up family matters again, I just wrote you a letter and tore it up so Ill try and keep off of that questions,
No I have not received any Xmas box from any one this year, I guess it landed in France all right, as I received a card from [illegible] that there was a box there and also a card from Brest, that there was a box there for me, I filled out my slip and sent them back about Xmas time but, I never received either box…
My there have been thousands of horses passing here all day to day, the British are shipping them home I guess…

My Dear Grace –
This is a nice warm morning just like it is home in May. the birds are all singing and every thing looks quite springey but perhaps in a hour or so, things will look different, I got thro’ work last night before dark which is about six o’clock now last night was the …

February 15, 1919

Excerpts from February 15, 1919

My Dear Grace –

Have a few moments to spare, so will write you a few lines…
Ten months to-day and starting on the eleventh, and by the time you answer this will be on my last Month, and getting ready to come home, So you had better tell me just what you are going to-do when you answer this, Is Ethel coming with you, she told Ralph that she wasn’t coming to New York, but I guess she was just kinda sore in that letter, she no doubt. will be there with bells on.
I would suggest that we go to the Hotel Laytham, the one Ralph and I stopped at when we came over, if we could not get rooms then have it for headquarters untill we found each other, that is if we arrived first we would leave our address with the clerk, or if you arrived first and could not get room leave your address with the clerk. as it will be quite difficult for you to be right there when the boat arrives, and you might now know which, dock we were to dock at so if, I do not notify you otherw…

November 29, 1918

Excerpts from November 29, 1918

My Dear Grace -

Am going to steal a few minutes and write to you, seems as if I don't get time to write any one but you I owe so many letter, I am going to send all I owe just a card with my picture

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, I took the Ford. as we did not intend to work and started with a load of Choc. Cigrettes, Cigars + etc for Etretat which is about 18 mi north of here, as you will notice if you have a map of France was going o take it up to one of our Y. Huts

I guess I had to big a load for the tires as I had one - H of a time, had to blow outs, and in mud, raining to beat the band, didn't get back untill nearly three o'clock. But i have "thanks'" that I got back at all, just had time to put on my new uniform and go get my picture taken before dark. Then Pat and I lay around in the room, untill the other fellows came up and then we had our Thanksgiving dinner, there was twelve of us, at the hotel, and we had a regular di…

November 16, 1918

As far as I can tell, Grace never opened this letter, postmarked November 16, 1918. Even though it almost certainly contains Will's description of the Paris Armistice celebrations, I decided to leave it unopened. I've raided this time capsule enough to save a little bit for the future.

November 11-13, 1918

Excerpts from a letter dated November 11 and November 13, 1918

My Dear Grace –

Well here I am dearie in Joe. Nelsons office, in Paris, the Armistice was signed sometime to-day, have not had time to find out and Paris is wild, it is now about 5: o’clock am going to have dinner with Joe, and then we are going out in the mob, and see the sights
Isn’t it wonderful that I can be in Paris to-night, I don’t suppose I will ever be able to tell, all the things I will see, But they are just wild, I came up here from YMC.A Headquarts, and it was most impossible for the taxi to get thro’, every thing is shut up the offices, and stores, they have pulled the blinds down over the windows, so that the windows won’t get broke and every body is hollering yelling Blowing horns, just acting as crazy as they can
I won’t have time to write very much now, as Joe will be thro shaving in a few minutes, But I will try and remember all I see and do to-night, so that I can tell you all about it.
New York may h…

November 4, 1918

Grace preserved a single letter from her father, dated November 4, 1918, along with her correspondence from Will.

October 27-28, 1918

Excerpts from letters mailed together and dated October 27 and 28, 1918

My Dear Grace –
Well darling, the mail came at last, yesterday I got three letters from you and one from Dorthy and one from Florence with the pictures, My I think the pictures are just fine… But the one I liked most was the one of you and Count, Oh I think that is just great, I wouldn’t part with the for any thing Florence had it marked “Somebody’s Pals” and they are I know both are as true as steel, that is some picture, and I am so glad you had it taken for me. Do you suppose old Count will know me when I get home?...
My mail had been sent to W. E. Foote, but I guess it is straightened out now so we will have no more trouble
My I have been so busy lately Grace, I don’t know which way to turn, our work is increasing very fast and I hope I get the other job pretty quick, as I am still all in, My cold is a lot better, than when I wrote the other day. I used the cold compresses on my throat, for the sore throat, …