November 4, 1918

Grace preserved a single letter from her father, dated November 4, 1918, along with her correspondence from Will.

October 27-28, 1918

Excerpts from letters mailed together dated October 27 and 28, 1918

My Dear Grace –
Well darling, the mail came at last, yesterday I got three letters from you and one from Dorthy and one from Florence with the pictures, My I think the pictures are just fine… But the one I liked most was the one of you and Count, Oh I think that is just great, I wouldn’t part with the for any thing Florence had it marked “Somebody’s Pals” and they are I know both are as true as steel, that is some picture, and I am so glad you had it taken for me. Do you suppose old Count will know me when I get home?...
My mail had been sent to W. E. Foote, but I guess it is straightened out now so we will have no more trouble
My I have been so busy lately Grace, I don’t know which way to turn, our work is increasing very fast and I hope I get the other job pretty quick, as I am still all in, My cold is a lot better, than when I wrote the other day. I used the cold compresses on my throat, for the sore throat, took…

October 20, 1918

Will sent this copy of a letter regarding problems with his mail home to Grace at the end of October 1918.

October 18, 1918

Excerpts from October 18, 1918

My Dear Grace –
Well dearie it has been two weeks to-day and no letter I just figure they have my mail balled up with some other Foote a I have had mail for a N. A Foote from Mass. But perhaps I will get a letter to-night or to-morrow
I have changed my mind, or the boys all have and I am enclosing a Christmas package Coupon, while I would rather have the letter, that I spoke about, perhaps you will have something you will want to send me, the only thing I can think of now, is a nice big piece of that fig cake you make and I know that would all be dried up by the time I got it, or you might send a “banana pie,” any thing dear will be fine, just to know you put it in the box for me…
Rec’d a nice long letter from Bert Goffer a few days ago, he says there is lots of Spanish Fleu in the U.S., he lost one of his best friends, a room mate.
Now dearie I don’t know what to send you for Xmas, I know of lots of things I would like to send, but I am as usual hard …

October 16, 1918

Excerpts from October 16, 1918

My Dear Grace –
Well little girl I have not heard from you for nearly two weeks, what is the matter, Pat is getting letters from Ethel and she has spoken about you so I know you are well, so that is all that realy matters, I know the letters will come sometime, just got on the wrong boat or something, I no doubt will get five or six when I do get them.
Am on the last six months to-day Dearie my I am glad, for when my year is up I can come home if I want to, and I rather think I will want to, the way I feel to-day…
I have been given another Sec. to help me in my work over here as it is growing very fast as you noticed in the report I sent you this monthw ill be larger than last by quite a few 1000 Fcs. This fellow is kind’a of a wise guy, but I guess he will get in line, If he don’t I’ll just kick hom out and they will send me another he has been with me about four days and I think he is doing better every day so no doubt we will get on all right
It kind…

October 15, 1918

This envelope, postmarked October 15, 1918, survived without its letter from Will to Grace.

October 13, 1918: Postcard

I believe this card, from a Private L.P. Heiges to Will Foote and someone named Hastings, is postmarked October 13, 1918.